Pop Up Summer Garden

      Pop Up Summer Garden

      15.06. -  15.09.2017.

      Visit Pop Up Summer Garden On this Thursday, June 15 2017, from 6 p.m. at „TUŠKANAC SUMMER STAGE“, just a few minutes away from the city centre of Zagreb officially begins the first edition of Pop Up Summer Garden! The surroundings of the magical forest of Tuškanac, greenery, clear skies and intimate atmosphere make this location one of the most attractive, and the long warm summer in Zagreb becomes even more charming and richer for many new contents.


      Pop Up Summer Garden brings us a period of summer film festivals on night air where you can also enjoy the performances of numerous national, foreign DJs and acoustic bands, try delicious food and cold summer drinks.


      Amazing layout painted by the "Lapo Lapo" team, floral installations of "Studio Botanica" and numerous accompanying activities such as children's creative workshops organized by the "Center for Culture and Movie August Cesarec" are just a little part of the irresistible offer for the citizens of Zagreb and their dear guests.


      The film festival season will start on June 16th with "Croatian Film Days", which will last until June 20th, and after that you will be able to enjoy warm up weekend of the 7th Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival, European Film Show, Zagreb Film Festival, Pula in Zagreb and a whole new film festival. And that is just a little piece of Pop Up Garden’s happenings. The escape from the city crowd in the magical urban and little bit "jungle" oasis of Pop Up Summer Garden will be possible until September 15 2017, so don’t miss it!


      You can find details of the opening, program and all current events on the official Facebook site Pop Up Summer Garden




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