In the second half of the 19th century the three Ondrušek brothers left their hometown of Veliki Luk nearby Olomouc in the east of today's Czech Republic. They were like many skilled craftsmen of the time, moving for work and adventure bringing with them their expertise and newly emerging technologies. All three brothers embarked for Croatia, Robert settled in an agricultural region called Jazvenik near Sisak, Albert in Osijek and Vilim in Zagreb.


    Vilim Ondrušek (1854-1913) opened a dry cleaners in Zagreb where he put to use his experience in chemistry. At the time, Ana Brejch (born in 1864 in Strakonice near Prague) had also opened a dry cleaners in Zagreb. The couple later married and in 1885 purchased a house and land at Ilica 50, now the home of the wonderful Swanky Mint. In 1887 their dry cleaners opened for business expanding into steam operated dying of clothes and textiles.