04.07.2015. SATURDAY - 4TH OF JULY PARTY

    This Saturday was a very important american holiday, and since we had a lot of american guests in the hostel we just had to celebrate it with them. :)



    This weekend Swanky celebrated it's 2nd birthday! :)  And of course we decided to make a party out of it! We sent out our carnival theme invitations to Swanky's closest friends and invited all of the Swanky hostel guests, and on Sunday morning we were getting ready to decorate the hostel.


    TRIP TO BELGRADE - 06-07.11.2014.

    Last weekend we got the opportunity to go to Belgrade. Why? Well, we heard it's a great place to visit... And also because it was kind of a business trip. Since the Swanky Mint hostel is a part of the Balcan backpackers group, and they were having a group meeting in Belgrade to discuss ideas, Tea, Lovro and me jumped on that train instantly! Literally! :)


    THE SWANKY STAFF - 01.11.2014.

    Okay so before we start our Swanky blog, you have to get to know the Swanky staff!